Oh- Snap! Photo lounge is an iPad run event station with sophisticated software for easy sharing and all the fun options you could ask for.

GIF Photobooth in Destin and 30A


GIFs put your photos into motion! Pose for several photos and let the photo lounge make the magic happen by making your stick-a-poses into a short video! Get creative and make it fun!


Show off your moves with this extremely quick series of photos that combines into a burst of video!

photo-booth party rental 30A
Boomerang Photobbooth on 30A

Destin and 30A Photobbooth
Panama City Beach Photobooth


Keep it old fashioned and be the star of your own photo collage!

Party photo booth rental
event photo booth rental




Q. Why do you call it a photo lounge instead of a photo booth?

A. The photo lounge is an open air entertainment spot instead of an enclosed booth that you have to squeeze into. It just seems more fitting for the times.

Q. How do I get my pictures, GIF and Boomerang after they are shot?

A. Immediately after your time in the lounge, you will be able enter your cell phone number to have a full event gallery text to you. You will be able to see all the images from the event on a website specifically set up for your event. From there you can share to facebook and instagram or email it to yourself! It’s super easy!

Q. How much space at our event is needed for the photo lounge?

A. We need about a 10ft x 10ft space to set everything up.

Q. Do you need electricity for the lounge?

A. Glad you asked! YES! We come prepared with extension cords but it is still great to be close to an outlet.

Q. Do we get to select which backdrop we want to use?

A. YES! Pick the backdrop that fits your event theme the best!

Q. Who creates the personalized design I see with some of your events?

A. We create it together! Well…kinda! I create it to mesh well with the backdrop you select, as well as get it to look great with your logo or event name or whatever we think is cool to add to it. I’ll make a few variations for you to select from.

Q. Do we only get one layout?

A. NO WAY! I create 2-4 layouts for each event so that you have the photo strip, a full 4x6, and an single image layout.

Q. Is printing available?

A. Because GIF and boomerang are so popular and can’t be printed, we have decided to keep the set up simple and easy to use. Printing is not available. BUt seriously, when was the last time you kept a photobooth print for more than a week? You get these in the forever digital universe so they don’t clutter your kitchen counter and then end up in the trash.